Thanks to our green partnership with Garnier, Moonlight Cinema screenings are powered by 100% renewable energy. This has been achieved by purchasing renewable energy certificates (LGCs) from Pivotel Satellite 200kW Solar PV system. Moonlight Cinema has purchased 200 LGC’s, which equates to 1 LGC for every MWh of forecast electricity consumption across Moonlight Cinema venues. These certificates embody the claim to renewable energy from the solar system.

In addition to purchasing renewable energy, Moonlight Cinema’s green partnership with Garnier will also reduce the environmental impact of our screenings through the following initiatives:

  • Remediation of parkland space at the end of the season; restoring and rejuvenating local flora and fauna and grassland.
  • Removal of single-use plastics from food and beverage packaging and supply chains where-ever possible.
  • Additional enhancements to the recycling program at all venues.
  • An opportunity for guests to donate $4 towards planting and maintaining a native tree with Carbon Positive Australia when purchasing their Moonlight Cinema tickets.

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